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Customer Analytics

Key component of Customer Engagement Digital Transformation

Insights-driven analytics is key to your business success

Customer journey and interaction analysis lead to actionable insights

In the digital age, customer expectations and needs are changing. People expect the brands and businesses they support to meet them at their level, and customer service interactions are a crucial element of customer experience as a whole. The more brands know about their clients and customers, the abler they are to provide the positive experiences that ensure long-term success. Moreover, deeper insight can positively impact the customer relationship management process.

Insights for Leaders

Being able to segment audiences by particular factors helps marketers design targeted campaigns and provides leaders with insight into product demand. Social listening allows companies to track responses to specific marketing campaigns or product launches. A program that charts responses over certain time periods makes it easy to identify specific driving factors.

Pain points

The contact center is one of the best sources for judging a company’s success. Employees interacting directly with the public can measure the pulse of a market and the business can respond quickly to new demands when the contact center is a vital part of the infrastructure. An important piece of data to look out for is pain points. Some feel a responsibility of a customer care center is to respond when consumers have problems with products or services. Instead of just putting out fires, care agents should collect the details and look for reoccurring issues. Analytics tools supporting these interactions can provide actionable insights for better decision making and ultimately helping in better service and product strategies.

Optimizing customer service strategies

The emergence of data and analytics has had a has had a significant impact on business processes across the board, including customer service. For instance, eMarketer cited data from Forbes Insights and SAS that found of businesses already using data analytics

A business’s ability to not only collect but understand customer data from various touchpoints directly impacts their ability to optimize customer service processes. For example, brands can monitor how customers interact with their websites, apps and other customer service-related features and optimize accordingly.

Personalizing customer experiences

Data plays another vital role in customer service, which involves businesses knowing their customers at a deeper level. According to Forrester, one of the top 10 critical success factors will be the level and quality of personalized experiences. It should go without saying customer demands for personalization most certainly translate to their customer service interactions. Brands who leverage their data – and their knowledge – about customers to customize interactions with their clients and customers are a huge step above their customers. This could include something as simple as addressing a customer by name or mentioning his or her relationship with the business, or even integrating features into online customer support that drive automatic personalization.

Knoah Does It All

While many contact center services players offer an analytics service, we are not only a believer in the power of data to drive better customer experiences, we are a leader in this domain. Over the past decade, our technologists have developed the infrastructure and the team necessary to help you develop a deeper level of insight needed to understand your consumers and assess and improve managing your customers’ experience.

Leveraging big data

As a leading provider of voice and non-voice contact center services, we understand that consumers interact with businesses from which they buy goods and services using a large number of mediums across voice and non-voice platforms. We collect as many data points as possible during these interactions, in order to identify important trends and patterns that correlate to specific programs, verticals, locations, and even individual consumers.

Making analytics accessible

Depending on how they are presented, numbers and statistics can be confusing even to the most experienced executive. Therefore, our analytics team has developed a clear-cut on-boarding process for each new client, providing an overview of what the solution entails, the processes involved in data collection/interpretation and a straightforward reporting tool in the form of a 90-day dashboard highlighting key indicators of you can take advantage.

More importantly, our analytics function is provided to you as part of your contract, and is not charged as a standalone service.
We have our own suite of reporting and analytics tools that enable us to achieve operations excellence.