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Customer Engagement Digital Transformation – Integrating Tools, Technology, APIs, and CRMs

Customers demand that digital technology is transforming businesses at a rapid pace. Every industry has a unique set of systems, processes, and requirements for delivering great customer experiences. This means the technology is getting more complicated every day with multiple tools, APIs, CRMs, and platforms – all deployed to achieve desired results. However, the results depend on a critical factor – and that factor is the degree of integration among these tools, platforms, etc.

Integrating Tools

Integrating Tools

Integrating Tools

Integrating Tools

Contact centers have implemented multichannel integration to provide consistent experiences

Do not train agents to support multiple channels

Do not offer an agent-facing knowledge management solution

We have been an early adopter of technology, and we understand the significance of integrating technology, tools, and interfaces to deliver a seamless customer experience and also deliver additional value to you with tech-driven program management, reporting, and analytics.

With over 16 years of experience in working with clients spanning across 12+ industries, we have mastered the art of integrating various tools and platforms. Our partnerships with leading technology providers create a best-of-breed partner ecosystem where we provide you the option to choose the vendors based on your preferences. We have worked with over 100+ tools and interfaces, giving us enough experience to integrate your tools within our ecosystem.

We have also invested in our proprietary software, KnoahsARK 360 that aggregates, processes, and populates awesome dashboards, reporting, and analytics views

  • Telephony, interactive telephony & CTI integration
  • Customized IVR development, integration, and deployment
  • Multichannel platforms and social media integration/deployment
  • CRM Integration
  • Data aggregation, warehousing, and reporting interface integration
  • Service desk and ticketing tool integration
  • Business tools and analytics platforms integration
Creating ROI with Digital Channels

Companies want to consider a robust digital strategy but struggle with how to justify the business case. Our legacy of offering digital customer engagement solutions began in the early 2000s.  Because of our history, we provide tailored services, too. We have been offering digital solutions since we began in 2001.  We started with email for our first client in 2001 and pioneered the chat channel in 2002.  This experience has laid the foundation for us to beat our competition in a level of technology and customer experience.