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Customer Engagement Digital Transformation – Channel-Specific Conversations

The medium of conversation dictates your style of conversation

The customer effort index defines the success of your conversational style

The example on the left is a classic case of one person’s music is other person’s noise. The agent in the above conversation was following all the protocols of being polite and asking the relevant questions, but the problem was the context. This was an actual interaction on a social media messenger, not on email or a phone conversation.

Being conversational with your customers does not come as a standard protocol anymore. With the number of channels shooting up from 2 to at least 10, being conversational is a heavily contextual term. When taken out of context, it can mean the death of customer service.

The medium of conversation dictates what can be construed as conversational anymore. While it may still be relevant to begin with a greeting on a conventional phone call, the same can be considered wasting time on a social media messenger. Similarly, addressing the customer as sir or ma’am is still acceptable on an email, doing the same over a text message is just a waste of precious characters. Being conversational now means adapting. It means being flexible and being able to adjust the way we speak to the way our consumers speak.

Customers should be able to identify with whom they are speaking to be at ease and feel comfortable. Agents should be trained to handle the entire gamut of their customer demographic, whether they are a 16-year-old student or a retired 65-year-old. Agents’ ability to oscillate between mediums, and adjustments that come along with it, is what determines the success of a contact center.

Another parameter that defines the success of a contact center is the customer effort index. Brands spend a fortune on consultants to tweak their processes to make resolving customer issues as effortless as possible. While they are on point in investing in that aspect of their business, often what gets overlooked is; if a customer feels comfortable talking to an agent, the conversation suddenly feels like lot less of an effort and more of a…well conversation. People hate troubleshooting, but everyone loves having conversations. And again, conversations are subjective and are contextual. Agents need to understand what is a conversation. A simple emoji on a social media messenger can be a much better conversation than an entire greeting.

Listen, Learn, Adapt

We listen, learn, and adapt with each new contact. Our agents are trained to convert each contact into a conversation; a conversation in a language that the customer is accustomed to speaking. Without even realizing, customers will automatically start relying on your brand more.