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How emojis impact customer service on social media

Social media customer service presents a unique challenge to businesses of all sizes.

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3 ways knowledge is power in customer service

When it comes to customer service, brand and customer knowledge are valuable resources to help drive positive relationships.

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Consumer electronics businesses handle recalls of innovative products

  A new product creates a demand for information.

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Ring in 2017 with exceptional customer service

  Customer service can take a leading role in building your brand for the new year.

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Predicting the unpredictable with travel consumers

  Travelers often have unique care requests.

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3 must-do’s for consumer care during product recalls

  Product recalls may offer a chance to prove commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Millennials are talking, are brands listening?

  Dissatisfied millennials will likely voice concerns with brands.

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Modern customers willing to exchange data for personalization

  While most customers are cautious, they recognize what information is necessary for special treatment.

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Luxury brands finally using the Internet for quality consumer care

  Luxury websites provide new features for product information.

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The utility industry must prepare for growing consumer feedback

  Millennial consumers will contact companies as soon as there is a service problem.

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3 ways to create memorable customer service engagements

  Customers only remember very positive or negative interactions with support agents.

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3 ways to design customer care with simplicity in mind

  You can make customers happy by keeping consistent transaction histories for phone conversations.

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4 overlooked details when delivering exceptional customer care

  Using a consumer’s name during a care engagement demonstrates personalization.

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Creating a network of consumers

  Groups of consumers can share information online and in-person.

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Oops: 4 ways care centers can respond to brand mistakes

  Accepting responsibility helps regain consumer trust.

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3 sources for customer data (besides customers)

  Market fluctuations affect consumer demand.

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Prioritizing the call center in a connected world

  How important are phone engagements to a brand?

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Overcoming consumer negativity bias through excellent customer service

  Every professional interaction should be a positive one.

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Travel Industry must prepare for seasonal consumer feedback

  When lines are short, companies should spend time preparing for the rush.

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Think like a robot, provide service like a human

  Robots can’t display empathy the way a person can.

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