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Does your business need outsourced customer care solutions?

  If busy work is driving employees crazy, it might be time to outsource.

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It’s a problem when customers don’t complain

  Angry customers don’t always show a company their faces.

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Monitor consumer clay tablets: Customer service throughout history

  One young store clerk walked miles to return pennies to a customer.

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4 tips for customer service coaches

  Customer contact center coaching relies on a mutual relationship.

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I’d like a pizza with extra unicorn: Meeting bizarre customer requests

  Customers think art goes great with pepperoni.

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Social media changes that affect customer care centers

  Alterations to social media messaging and privacy features may affect customer care centers.

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Is the customer happy? Measuring call center success

  How can you tell if your customer is happy with a call center interaction?

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What quality metrics should be measured to support a positive customer experience?

  Customer care can save companies money.,Customer care can save companies money.

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Personalizing customer support through CER

  Customers want service that feels unique and personal.

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5 advantages of social media customer support

  The many features social media pages provide can be used by customer care centers.

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Smiles, thank you cards and flat tires: Business as usual that went viral

  A flat tire is a customer service opportunity for one mobile pharmacy.

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Your company shouldn’t overlook these 3 call center mistakes

  Don’t let missed mistakes frustrate your employees.

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Kids and giraffes: Sticking your neck out for the customer

  A grocery store, hotel and toy retailer all had to deal with issues that involved kids and giraffes.

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How to put a personal voice into chat to engage the customer

  Chat engagements can still convey a helpful attitude.

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5 habits that reinforce quality customer support

  Managers should emphasize what good habits lead to best customer satisfaction.

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Enhancing quality assurance and the customer experience

In order for businesses to grow, they should look into quality assurance analysis to see how they can improve.

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Choosing between third-party and internal call monitoring

Third-party call monitoring providers help companies effectively manage their QA programs.

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PCI certification enhances your brand’s credibility, image

Receiving PCI DSS certification proves that your business can secure customer payment information with every transaction.

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How to create the customer experience through quality assurance results

Implementing changes to your business model from quality assurance results is no easy task.

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Knoah And Cox Communications To Speak At Call Center Week

  Executives from Knoah and Cox Communications will be speaking about the importance of quality assurance in the workplace.

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