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3 reasons language translation is vital for modern customer service

Customer experience staff must embrace a plethora of languages to ensure they are serving clients to the best of their ability. 

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4 ways that analytics improves customer service

Companies will find a wide array of opportunities to make customer care and technical support more effective when they work with a partner that offers detailed analytics and tested strategic guidance for performance improvements

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Do you have an offshore or nearshore customer service strategy?

Strong relationships with customers are essential to growing a business, and consistently high-quality service is key to nurturing those connections. Many organizations are committed to providing users with friendly, expert assistance but need the resources to optimize and streamline these interactions at scale. Outsourcing contact center services can be a powerful means for advancing an […]

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Are Retailers Ready To Go Mobile For Back-To-School Shopping?

  As kids go back to school, they’re going to need a variety of products.

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New support solutions needed as tech become ubiquitous

  More electronic products call for more support solutions.

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Information customer care should be collecting from consumers

  Consumers submit data through business sing ups and social media accounts.

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3 reasons consumer electronics need multichannel support

  Multichannel customer support and consumer electronics go hand in hand.

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Intelligent hospitality care solutions: From robots to mobile messaging

  Guests shouldn’t be greeted by an empty hotel desk.

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How to improve customer service with Facebook Messenger

Combining live chat with social media could be the holy grail of the customer experience.

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3 qualities of a strategic call center

  A strategic call center can make a major difference in the customer experience.

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Treat all of your customers like celebrities

  Every one of your customers deserves the red carpet treatment.

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How does my smartphone sync with my smart home?

  A mobile device gives you control over a smart home, even when you’re not there.

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A social media voice: How agents can speak for the brand on public channels

  Positive customer experiences on social media get people talking about a brand.

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3 steps to better digital engagement for consumer electronics makers

Digital engagement is a necessity for connecting with today’s customers.

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The importance of going mobile for customer service

  Mobile customer service is on the rise.

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Social media customer service is a marketing strategy

Social media customer service is a necessary marketing tool.

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4 views on measuring customer satisfaction

Surveys are just one tool used to measure KPI.

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How does customer service affect a company’s brand?

How does customer service fit into your brand image?

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Personalization coming to healthcare – and your business should follow suit

Doctors ascertain the individual needs of each patient.

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4 ways to benefit from consumer advocates

Social media approval can be shared with your target audience.

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