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  • In a survey of U.S. employers, just under 60 percent said they had positions that remained open for 12 weeks or more, costing them more than $800,000 annually.

  • Among small-business owners, 22 percent said that finding qualified workers was their most important business problem.

  • In the U.S., the average hiring process takes 23.7 days

  • Provided major client with multichannel customer care and technical support.

  • Performed quality monitoring and improved back-office processes.

  • Gathered customer feedback to drive higher-quality experiences.

  • Technical Support
  • Customer Care
  • Online Engagement
  • Performance Improvement
  • Back Office Service
  • Reporting and Analytics

  • Provide multichannel technical support
  • Cut costs of customer care
  • Collect customer feedback
  • Optimize operational efficiency
  • Increase first-contact resolution
  • Offer process improvement recommendations


Ensure that employers and candidates get the most from a talent management platform
Today’s businesses demand tools that streamline the hiring process

Talent management platforms have become an essential part of how HR departments and staffing agencies connect with candidates and how jobseekers find their next positions. Software that simplifies the processes of posting openings, gathering information from applicants and efficiently sorting through stacks of resumes makes it possible for organizations to contact the best-qualified people and keep growing.

Optimizing these processes is especially important in today’s employment landscape. Low unemployment in the U.S. has made it more challenging for businesses to hire workers who possess the right skills. According to many business owners, the lack of available employees who have the necessary education and experience for particular roles is one of the biggest problems they face. These companies benefit from an easy-to-use system that attracts applications from a larger population of workers, making it simpler to source people who are well-suited for a role and empowering recruitment efforts as a whole.

  • As of early 2018, U.S. unemployment held steady at 4.1 percent.
  • Effective talent acquisition is vital to executives around the world, with 83 percent citing this area as a priority.
  • Among IT and technology employers, 79 percent say talent analytics is important for sourcing and attracting workers.

Achieving better outcomes in employment is about building relationships

Whether job applicants are reaching out to staffing agencies for temporary positions or recruiters are messaging passive candidates through social media, successful recruitment efforts depend on networking and making connections. Job candidates should be able to pass along their resumes and personal information to employers or staffers quickly and easily. In turn, employers need a readily accessible means for getting in touch with applicants and arranging interviews.

For an employment platform to fulfill its potential, it’s crucial to keep these workflows on-track and maintain reliable communications. That means offering quality customer care and technical support can make a big difference in the performance of a talent management system. By making expert service available through multiple channels, developers of employment software ensure that enterprise clients and individual candidates alike can take full advantage of the available features.

  • Employees are most interested in employers that offer attractive salaries and benefits, job security, a good work-life balance and a pleasant atmosphere.
  • On average, each bad hire costs a company $14,900.
  • Over 47 percent of recruiters said they preferred passive over active job candidates.
Customer care and back office solutions empower adoption of talent management solution

Knoah brings developers of employment and talent management platforms a wide range of solutions to better serve job candidates and employers. The possibilities begin with customer care and technical support through popular channels such as voice, email and chat. With extensive training for representatives and close alignment with the brand’s voice and identity, Knoah ensures that users can access the features they need, handle administrative tasks and make full use of today’s robust talent management software.

Fast, reliable communications are essential in the world of talent management. That’s why it’s so important for brands to have a wide range options for connecting with job applicants. Knoah offers experienced personnel and the latest tools from onshore, nearshore or offshore contact centers, establishing the multilingual service options that suit the unique needs of clients.

Back-office services help companies step up the results of employment management platforms. Collecting feedback from users and monitoring the customer experience points the way toward substantial improvements in service and program features. Insights into how businesses and individuals are using these programs allows software companies to take the next steps in advancing key features bringing greater efficiency to the hiring process for users.

Knoah has the versatility and agility to adapt to the changing needs of clients, as the world of employment is increasingly fast-paced, complex and data-oriented. Makers of talent management solutions benefit from having access to a wide array of resources for customer care, technical support, back-office processes and performances. By tailoring services and technology to suit the unique requirements of these clients and shifting over time, Knoah enables faster, more successful connections between workers and the jobs that are perfect for them.



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