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Moving from transaction to engagement –faster, smarter, better solutions


  • As of 2017, there were 29 million connected homes in the U.S.

  • The top influences on buying decisions for home automation devices include price, potential for saving energy, reliability and ease of use.

  • Consumers buy 75 percent of connected devices through service providers.

  • By implementing multichannel support, Knoah shifted over 20 percent of a client's customer interactions from phone to efficient, low-cost chat.

  • Tech Support
  • Customer Care
  • Billing, Retention, Collection
  • Online Engagement
  • Customer Loyalty Management
  • Third-Party Performance Improvement
  • Back office service

  • Engage customers with industry-specific expertise
  • Achieve greater customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Lower customer support costs
  • Reduce leakages with operational efficiency
  • Bring about higher first-contact resolution


The support customers need to make the most of their smart homes

The Internet of Things is delivering sweeping changes to daily life

Home automation systems transform the lives of users, drawing on a variety of Internet of Things-enabled devices to lend convenience and efficiency to a wide range of everyday activities. Voice-controlled speakers, self-adjusting thermostats, refrigerators that keep track of expiration dates and smartphone-connected security cameras allow a new level of control over every detail of what happens in your home. From the very beginnings of the industry back in 2001, Knoah has been there, offering the customer support solutions that make the successful adoption of these devices possible.

To be successful, smart home devices must integrate seamlessly and intuitively into how customers go about their household tasks. If manufacturers help users make the transition toward automation, they pave the way for an individual or family to keep using connected devices for years to come. That’s why it’s essential to offer clear, prompt and friendly assistance at every stage from the initial purchase through years of operation.

Managing customer experience at multiple touch points has been a significant driver in the success or failure of companies. Modern electronics constantly need updates or service contracts may include free upgrades. Some connected merchandise can even report its own service issues and alert the company when maintenance must be performed. This leads to a more involved relationship between businesses and customers. Given the fact the consumers’ decision-making process has moved from linear to cyclical, a company’s ability to manage the customer journey from the first contact to aftersales becomes more important every day.

  • The home automation market has experienced a compound annual growth rate of 31 since 2015.
  • By 2020, there will be approximately 25 billion IoT-enabled devices in use.
  • The home automation market is projected to be worth $79 billion by 2022.
  • By the same year, voice-enabled speakers will be in 55 percent of U.S. homes.

Customer engagement empowers smart device users

Offering customer service and technical support through multiple channels is even more crucial for organizations specializing in smart home technology than in other areas of consumer electronics. After all, customers depend on their smart home devices for vital functions like maintaining security, controlling their energy usage and detecting dangerous levels of carbon dioxide.

That means it’s important for users to feel both the products themselves and the companies that stand behind them are reliable. By providing exceptional service, organizations show their commitment to making the Internet of Thing an indispensable part of people’s lives.

To get the best results out of their connected devices, customers first need to install them properly. Then, they must learn how to integrate various products in their home.

Unfortunately, even for tech-savvy users, getting everything set up and checking for compatibility issues sometimes presents a challenge. That’s why it helps to have seasoned representatives readily available to guide users through the installation process and field any questions that may come up as they establish a new routine.

Representatives may be asked simple questions about the status of a package or how to connect their new device to a router. On the other hand, they could be faced with far more complex technical problems that require advanced subject matter expertise. Using chat or in-app messaging for offering speedy responses and switching to phone or email to address more complicated matters gives an organization the flexibility to offer high-quality assistance and build strong relationships with customers.

Work with a knowledgeable partner to optimize every step of the customer experience

As consumers discover the countless ways that smart devices can improve their lives, the market for home automation will continue to grow. However, encouraging more people to embrace the power of the Internet of Things means offering them plenty of help along the way. Great customer service guides shoppers through selecting the products that are right for their lifestyles, then shows them how to set up their new devices and develop a daily routine that puts those products to work.

For makers of smart home devices, it’s vital to connect customers with the answers to their questions and form long-term connections that go beyond the life of any single device. That’s where Knoah’s combination of advanced technology solutions, experienced personnel, and multiple contact center locations proves invaluable. When a user is able to get in touch throughout the day, via the channels he or she prefers, that makes the experience of using a connected device far more rewarding.

Knoah has built its reputation as a leading provider of business process outsourcing and contact center outsourcing services. We are pioneers in providing expert help for smart home device installation, setup and use, with many years of specialized background in the industry. We offer customer support services through an array of channels, including voice, email, social media, chat, and SMS messaging. We also provide third-party performance improvement and back-office processes to ensure home automation firms have all the resources and data-driven insights they need to build lasting relationships with their customers.



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