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Balance Cost and Compliance with our Flexible Outsourcing Solutions


  • 13% of displeased claimants indicate they have switched insurers due to their claims experience

  • 81%of highly satisfied claimants say they “definitely will” renew their policy

  • Only 14% of displeased claimants say they “definitely will” renew and 7% say they “definitely will ”recommend"

  • Knoah’s HIPAA certified processes can help you meet 100% of your KPIs

  • Customer Care
  • Online Engagement
  • Sales, Cross-Selling, Up-Selling
  • Customer Loyalty Management
  • Policy Servicing and Administration
  • Claims Support

  • Offer Multi-channel support solutions
  • Achieve better KPIs at lower cost
  • Reduce leakages with our proven operational processes
  • Engage customers with industry specific expertise
  • Reduce customer support costs with right engage solutions


Manufacturers must embrace consumer-driven innovation

Balance Cost and Compliance with our Flexible Outsourcing Solutions for Your Insurance Business

The insurance industry is well-positioned to meet fluid consumer needs. As technology continues to mature and industry regulations evolve, providers can incorporate new, digital methods and practices into their operations to comply with these guidelines and still effectively serve the customer.

Given this, insurance providers also need to adapt their customer engagement practices to meet the demands of their consumers. Customers are the lifeblood of any successful insurance provider. Without their business, companies would cease to exist. Whether providers are handling billing inquiries, claim data input or quoting consumers, it’s imperative to offer high-quality customer service around the clock.

Knoah Solutions offers cutting-edge, high-quality service options that meet the needs of today’s consumers. Knoah’s dedicated analytics support helps identify, troubleshoot and repair any challenges a business faces with regard to productivity and service quality.

Our Solutions:

  • Back Office Processing
  • Voice/Email/Chat Support
  • CRM Tool
  • Policy Servicing
  • Policy Sales
  • Cross-Selling & Quote Requests
  • Inbound/Outbound Care
  • Document Management
  • Coverage Authorizations, Claims Processing,
  • Servicing
  • Status & Verification
  • Receivables Management
  • Appointment Setting & Adjuster
  • Confirmations
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Knoah has the required infrastructure, processes, practices and talent pool to provide both flexibility and agility that larger corporations can’t provide, which ultimately makes the customer a top priority.

Knoah’s wide range of call center solutions can be mixed and matched to meet the unique needs and requirements providing much more than just agents and workstations.




Our Global and Fortune 500 Clients Trust Their Brands to Us!

We have gained capabilities and experience across a wide range of industries, while developing tenured relationships that span 8+ years with some of the world’s most respected brands.