Life @ Knoah | Knoah Solutions

At Knoah, we are passionate about what we do and it shows through the ways we interact with each other, our clients and their customers.


Life @ Knoah is about

  • A culture of core values that drive our daily efforts
  • Creating valuable experiences for all stakeholders
  • Becoming an extension of our client’s culture
  • Providing a Global Team of Associates
  • Company-wide Rewards & recognition
  • Award-winning operational practices and technology
  • Empowering work culture that supports family and volunteerism
  • Celebrating and sharing holidays that help us recharge and connect
  • Embracing diversity to create a better workplace
  • Multiple Locations – Onshore, Offshore and Nearshore Delivery Centers
  • World-class work facilities and modern Infrastructure
  • Taking our security commitments seriously

We’ve Created A Culture That Builds The Foundation For Success And Rewards Bright, Driven And Fun-Loving People.


The success of our employees is our number one priority here at Knoah. That’s why, when you join our team, we equip you with right training, the right tools and the right support for your ongoing development, all designed for you to create your very own career path. Our trainers and managers are dedicated professionals who take pride in their work to develop happy agents, capable of providing the ultimate customer experience. We begin by ensuring all leaders at Knoah follow our key Talent Management principles while managing our associates across all business functions. Our training begins with formal classroom training, which exposes you to the right combination of learning activities to support your program. Through coaching, mentoring and ongoing training, you are given the opportunity to engage in valuable on-the-job training activities. Other important areas of development include Succession Planning and Career Development, which also include training curriculum to provide you with a path for success upwards, laterally and across all business areas at Knoah Solutions.

Bravo Awards

Knoah takes pride in our employees’ accomplishments.  We believe in creating an environment that nurtures the small successes on a daily basis on the contact center floor and celebrating the greater successes through our Bravo Awards program.  Our Bravo Awards program creates an atmosphere where everyone can appreciate the efforts of each team member and their contribution to the whole Knoah team.  This monthly event recognizes those who have consistently excelled above and beyond their minimum responsibilities.  The winners are nominated by their peers and are congratulated by the CEO and top management at a monthly presentation ceremony with certificates, badges and pre-paid gift cards.  The top performers from every program are featured on the Wall of Fame displayed at prominent locations within the workplace and our company newsletter.

All Work And No Play… Not A Chance!


As Knoahites, we continue to learn and grow each and every day by offering variety of opportunities for our employees to socialize and network through regular team-building activities, community care initiatives and client-sponsored events. And we make sure to have fun while we’re at it!


Knoah has multiple employee programs to encourage and engage our employees. These programs give our people a sense of community. From our Fun & Connect committee, to our Sports committee to our Community Service committee, we give our employees a creative outlet that allows them to showcase their talents in other ways outside of just doing their jobs.


Co-managed by HR and employees, Knoah Fun and Connect Committee organizes activities such as Knoah Idol, Dance Knoah Dance, Knoah’s got Talent, Family Day celebrations, Quiz competitions, Pajama and Costume Days, etc. throughout the year.
Full of fun and celebration of life, these events bring the required vibrancy and youthfulness in our workplace life.


Knoah has a dedicated sports committee that manages an incredible show of sports every month. We also have a company-wide premier league where team are formed in a club style, managed by respective owners, managers and these teams compete in multiple events throughout the year to bag the much prized annual shield.




Director, Operational Practices

11 Years and more to come!

He was about to make the mistake of judging a company by its office building but it was not to be so. He understood how people matter more than the office buildings. One decade and now he is connecting multi-location centers of this company – not the office building, but the People, Practices, and Processes!

Sachin says, “I love Knoah due to its culture and leaders. From day one, I was given liberty to bring in innovative & best practices and implement them. Knoah culture supports, mentors, cares, gives liberty to think and implement innovative ideas, and allows taking risks. It is appreciating and rewarding.”



Team Lead, Operations

The QA Lead LV Center always relies on!

The QA Lead LV Center always relies on!
One of the first employees at Knoah’s LV Center, Diane has added tremendous value to multiple accounts over the period of last 5 years. She has not only managed all TotalAssure (Knoah’s 3rd party QA offering) programs at LV center but also mentored various team members for future

Diane says, “All my teams have given me pride, struggle, growth, challenges, and happiness. They strengthen my desire to continue to help Knoah Solutions grow. The relationships I have with the clients, as well as the other employees/management at Knoah, are ones I wouldn’t ever give up for anything. I hope they feel for me, the same way I feel for them….honor, respect, and gratitude!”



Team Leader, Operations

The Sales Breaker!

Starting at the early age of 20, Josue was quickly breaking sales records within his team. He was identified early on as someone with huge potential within the company. Knoah provided opportunities to test his leadership among his fellow agents and his charisma quickly spread through the floor motivating other agents to help achieve the company’s goals as he became a full-fledged Team Leader.

Josue says: “Knoah, more than a job environment, has been a second home for me. I have grown not only as a professional, but also as a person learning work skills and also values. That is the reason why I always give the best of me, because in that way I can return a little piece of what Knoah has given to me.



SME, Operations

Do what you love, love what you do

Knoah “knows” their employees, that’s what she says. Bridget’s journey with the company has been phenomenal on personal and professional front. Her story explores Knoah’s emotional connect with its employees.

Bridget says, “Just entering into my five year mark with Knoah Solutions, I had the opportunity to launch a number of programs, work side by side with some of the best people and gain knowledge I wouldn’t have gained elsewhere. I truly am a proud employee of Knoah Solutions. I do feel that sometimes I forget that I am an employee and this is a “job.”



Senior Manager, Operations

13 Years – Been there, done that!

Voice, Chat or Email – he has done all of that. Again his employer details has only one company i.e. Knoah! Prasanth today manages Knoah’s one of the most prestigious clients and has been in almost every role over the period of last 13 years.

Prasanth says, “Every day of my 13 years tenure with Knoah is filled with learning and challenges and has made me come back to work the next day with a lot more excitement.”



Team Lead, Operations

9 years! Pilot batch associate to leading the same program

Shivani’s journey with Knoah started 9 years back as tech support associate and today she is leading the team for an account that she became part of during its pilot batch.

Shivani says, “I feel proud of being part of Knoah family for 9 years and it still feels like day one for me. My role kept evolving and it’s been a journey of learning and collaborating to achieve shared goals. This company provides you the space and resources to prove yourself and grow as the organization expands.”



Senior Manager, Operations

Sportsmanship at its best!

A sports enthusiast, Ajay has been an incredible team player and that’s what he practices in his main job too. Enabling the team members to excel and learn is what motivates him every day and his account too is all about enabling people to break the barriers and connect with everyone.

Ajay says, “Knoah has been a breeding ground for talent as it’s here we learnt all our basics of call center ethics and exposed ourselves to the grand world of customer expectations and customer experience”



Sr. Quality Lead

Provide the tools and let others just do it!

Starting her journey as a voice support officer six years back, Fatima is today leading one of our third party quality programs. She honed her skills on a number of programs as quality specialist and believes in co-creating value for all stakeholders.

Fatima says, “We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect each other. We strengthen each other to achieve our goals. Knoah gave me an opportunity to pursue career in Quality and it’s been a great journey of growing with the company”



Team Lead, Operations

Leading and Mentoring the team

Uzma’s story is about learning leadership and management skills and then helping the team to grow in their abilities to handle things efficiently and effectively. Expanding her domain from being a tech process expert, she managed an insurance vertical program and is currently part of ISP/Broadband vertical delivery team.

Uzma says, “I learned a lot in my tenure with Knoah on leadership and management skills in making decisions and got diverse experiences of handling voice, chat and back office programs.”



Assistant Manager, HR

Growing with the company

After joining as an agent for what he thought would be a temporary job, he soon found Knoah to be much more than that. Through a competitive yet nurturing environment he found out that this company would not only be a great place to learn new skills, but also to hone his studies as he grew to be our HR Assistant Manager.

Jonathan says, “Knoah has always been supportive of my academic growth by allowing me to study, work, and apply the best practices on my daily routine. Through its different locations, it grants a unique experience of what each culture has to offer. After all the support my coworkers have given me, I feel it’s only right that I give it my all to make Knoah grow as well.”



Subject Matter Expert

3 Years, Multiple Teams, One Knoah!

Samina joined Knoah in one of our pay-for-performance programs for a large client and later moved across multiple program teams adding value with her skills wherever the role demanded. Currently, she is SME for a large telecommunications client where she oversees multi-channel agents.

Samina says, “If I was told to describe what Knoah means to me into words, those words would be “Family” and “Teamwork”. Family- I’ve spent the last three years, 40 hours a week with so many different personalities and yet we still all manage to support and build one another up. As all families, we are faced with challenges but that is the fun of it all…getting over those challenges as one and still stand together to get the job done.Teamwork- Yes, we all have a job title. However, each of us have our own assets and when we put them all together we make such a valuable team.”

Call center in India | call center in Nevada

Community Service Committee:

Knoah organizes charitable activities for caring and giving back to the communities in which we do business. These activities include blood donation, planting trees for green forestation, Adopt a Family, Food for Change, and we provide career opportunities to physically challenged individuals to motivate and complement their skills. These initiatives extend our ownership towards social development to make our society a better place to co-exist together.

As an equal opportunity employer, Knoah’s policy is to hire employees based solely on their unique qualifications, demonstrated abilities, and capacity to provide the exemplary service our clients have come to expect. Knoah is highly committed to ensuring equal employment opportunity for all individuals. All employment decisions, policies and practices are fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations regarding workplace discrimination. Knoah will neither engage in, nor tolerate, any discrimination based on an individual’s gender, age, race, national origin, disability or any other classification protected by applicable law. This policy applies to all of Knoah’s officers, managers, supervisors, employees and applicants.


Knoah gives you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your growth and your family’s health and well-being. Our comprehensive compensation and benefits program is designed to support the health, wellness and financial security of our employees, from medical coverage to generous paid holidays and vacations.